Our residential window cleaning services always concentrates on the window as a whole, including the exterior and interior of the window itself. Washing the window screens with a cleaner, and cleaning of the window tracks, frames and sills. We utilize a deionized ultra pure water cleaning system for all exterior window cleaning to achieve the best possible results and keep your windows clean longer. By using state of the art water fed cleaning poles with our deionization system we can all but eliminate ladder use, and greatly reduce safety concerns and potential damage from ladder use. While on your property our staff take the utmost care and consideration for your home.


Remove dirt & debris from gutters to avoid potential blockage, we wash gutter inside and out.


We wash Fascia boards, removed dirts and stains.

                     COMMERCIAL  PREMISES

We offering a range of cleaning services for offices, factories, banks, retail outlets, restaurants. Also we can manage sites which required a team of window cleaners or just an individual. No matter how frequently you need your windows cleaned we will still deliver the highest standard of quality results. Exterior only, Interior and Exterior, All Ledges wiped, all selected targets eliminated.